'Tales', which is currently under development and is envisaged to be implemented as a mobile web or native app for mobile devices, aims at enabling location-based digital storytelling and serious games in the natural environment, employing Augmented Reality (AR) technology to enrich the camera view with multimedia content.

'Tales' will allow story-telling of fictional as well as historical stories and fairy tales in a unique and immersive way where they (supposedly) took place. It will foster modern ways of transferring knowledge, including serious games that offer both fun and educational elements. A most vivid and direct experience of stories in their natural surrounding becomes possible, blending the real world with the world of imagination.

Potential customers of 'Tales' are tourist organizations and end users visiting a location or point of interest for which 'Tales' provides narrative content. Customers will also be artists who can employ 'Tales' as a platform for bringing their story to life at different real-world locations.

'Tales' can also be used in schools to allow vivid history lessons employing modern technology.

                                Conceptual sketch