Project content

Project content

In March 2007, the project GNSS-INDOOR was launched. In the first phase of the project an inventory of possible technologies and user requirements was carried out. In a pre-selection phase systems that were not suitable for indoor projects were excluded. The selected location techniques were then tested and combined at the already existing "indoor Logistics Laboratory" at the Fraunhofer Instituts für Fabrikbetrieb und -automatisierung (IFF). Comparative analyses were also carried out at this stage.

Field tests at the Leipzig / Halle airport

The data obtained was then used to develop concepts for use in combination and integration of selected individual systems, so that for future applications a modular system could be applied. The requirements and typical operating environments of the different applications were considered. Promising applications were subjected to field tests in the form of a functional design by the project partner DHL at the Leipzig / Halle airport.

Research results are innovative products

The GNSS-INDOOR project mainly involved small and medium-sized companies from all over Germany. They helped to rapidly implement the results of research into innovative products and services and to place them on the market. The early involvement of potential customers (for example the airport Leipzig / Halle, DHL) supported a focused development and accelerated the market launch.